As turnkey specialists, Anderson Engineering offers a variety of unique and innovative engineering solutions to the personal care and pharmaceutical processing industry. We understand the specific and unique requirements that are essential for companies in this industry to thrive.

Our world class engineering and project management expertise facilitates custom-built products and turnkey solutions, which offer maximum hygiene, quality and improved efficiency and safety. We specialise in being a full service provider, including process and automation design, fabrication, manufacture of the equipment, installation and commissioning.


  • Experts in the highest quality and finish
  • Specialists in various mixing solutions including surfactants and gumming agents
  • Ultra-hygienic solutions
  • Equipment with ease of cleaning, product recovery and auditing considerations
  • Highly experienced in full turnkey, tailored solutions for
    both the cosmetic & pharmaceutical industry which includes:
  • innovative and cost-effective design
  • process and layout design using Computer-Aided Design technology
  • the manufacture of the plant including automation, fabrication, site installation
  • commissioning and staff training
  • complete project management from the enquiry through to product trials
  • GMP documentation (including FAT, IQ and OQ)
  • ISO 9001 certified

Pain Suspension

Cold & Flu Syrup

Ointments & Creams

Blood Plasma Processing

Decongestion Syrup

Cough Mixture

Gripe Water


Mouth Wash

Face moisturisers

Shampoo & Conditioner

Hair Relaxing Products

Bubble Bath

Shower Gel

Hair Dye

Tissue Oil