3,500L & 850L Ribbon Blenders with Ancillaries, Nigeria

Anderson Engineering have recently completed a project for the Kerry Foods Group who produce and blend dry ingredients for the food industry. The plant will be used to blend and package dry ingredients which will be used for food flavouring.

The project involved the design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning of two fully GMP Complaint blending lines, one with a two-ton capacity and the other with a half-ton capacity. For the installation, the team had to travel into Africa. The installation was done in August 2022 with the commissioning visit to follow later in the year.

The blending lines comprised a full set of equipment with all product contact components specified as Stainless Steel Gr 316L and non-contact parst as Gr 304.  The complete set up entailed a Ribbon blender, screw feeder, rotary sieve, inline-magnetic separator for the removal of potential ferrous contaminants, filling machine, automatic bag sealer, metal detector, and scales.  These lines were supported by an in-house designed Stainless Steel support structure that stood 5 meters high. The structure has two levels to allow for access to all equipment for operation and maintenance. A dust extraction to manage fugitive dust in the process completed the design.


In 2018, Anderson Engineering supplied Kerry Malaysia with an 80L Ribbon Blender and rotary sieve and in 2019, Kerry Foods USA with 2 x 200L Ribbon Blenders. Following the completion of these projects, several discussions were had, where expansion into West Africa was contemplated.  Kerry Foods decided to move ahead with this expansion and we worked on a proposal for a full Turnkey solution for their Nigeria operation.  The logistic and supply challenges in the wake of the Corona virus caused some un-expected delays, with the project officially kicking off in 2021  

The project

Planning the project from South Africa without a site visit was challenging as well as the need to include a packing line as part of the Anderson scope.  

Work started with the design and draughting of the blending plant. This followed with the procurement of materials and fabrication of machines as well as the structural elements. The entire plant was then assembled in the Anderson factory to ensure that everything fitted as it should. The plant was tested with dry ingredients and FAT signed off. The entire plant was then dismantled, packed into containers, and shipped to site where installation took place . The Anderson team will return for commissioning and training once some work on the site has taken place.

The full scope of work and deliverables for the project included:

  • Design
  • 1 x 3,500L Blender
  • 1 x 850L Blender
  • 2 x Screw Feeder
  • 2 x Rotary Sieve
  • 2 x Support Structure
  • 2 x Vertical Filling Machine
  • 2 x Ethylene Bag Sealer
  • 2 x Incline Conveyor
  • 4 x Scales
  • 1 x Free Roller
  • 2 x Inkjet Printers
  • (2 x Magnets from Kerry to modify)
  • (2 x Metal Detectors from Kerry to incorporate)
  • 1 x Dust Extraction System
  • Electrical and Control System
  • Factory Setup and Testing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training

The project was awarded to Anderson Engineering in 2021. In August 2022 everything was in order on site in Nigeria, and it took 20 days for the installation of the main equipment.  Finalization of the clean room is currently ongoing on site and a commissioning visit is scheduled to complete the installation and commissioning. This will likely take 10 days in November 2022. Thus far many compliments were received for the project.