The Anderson Contramix offers the ultimate solution in high viscosity mixing which is typically required by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. The unique design innovations of the Anderson Contramix has ensured it has surpassed the expectations of the mixer and offers the client some substantial benefits over competitive products. Locally manufactured to a client’s bespoke requirements, the Contramix is the “Rolls Royce” mixing solution at highly competitive prices.

Our Anderson Contramix won the SASDAA Award for Product Innovation in 2016.


high specification multipurpose mixing vessel to prepare smooth blends, emulsions and pastes. This equipment ensures thorough mixing of ingredients and is ideally suited to processes where the products being mixed have a high viscosity.

contramix vessels are our particular strength.The contramix vessel offers flexibility and facilitates complex processing. Our unique blade arrangement creates a direction of flow and speed that ensures a consistent mix. eg: hand cream, mayonnaise, ointments

will operate under vacuum or pressure, jacketed for heating or cooling of the contents, with variable speed agitation on contramix drive. The variable speed built in emulsifier unit is robust, hassle-free, and has a high sheer capability. The emulsifier can be supplied with a retractable impeller and stator option for in-batch or in-line blending. The vessel top can either be fixed or raisable to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of the anchor. Tilting or non-tilting mixing chamber. Fully automated (using PLC) processing sequence. Built entirely to suit customers’ individual requirements.

capacities are typically for 20 l to 3 000 l