Pilot Plants

Production and processing on a large scale involves an element of risk and considerable time and investment.

Anderson Combo Emulsi Mixer (ACE Mixer)

The Anderson Contramix offers the ultimate solution in high viscosity mixing which is typically required by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


TASK: to mix ingredients during processing, at specific temperature and pressure, in order to achieve a chemical reaction.

Paste Polish Filling Lines

TASK: for the heating, mixing and emulsifying of high quality pastes or polishes in preparation for filling into tins or containers, where a key part of the production process is the cooling of the contents prior to lidding.

Washing Machines

TASK: to wash various items used in the production process.

Rotary Sieves

TASK: to remove foreign matter, eg; lumps, bags, string and to grade powders into appropriate size particles.