Anderson Engineering can develop pilot plants and demonstration plants in a range of sizes for your process requirements. We work with your process technology to design and build a proven turnkey process system on a small scale. This enables you to test viability of your process technology before scaling up to large-scale production and the associated costs of a full system. This also enables your scaled up system to be delivered to the market faster as it utilises proven and tested design techniques.

Production and processing on a large scale involves an element of risk and considerable time and investment. For some manufacturers, implementing new innovations straight from the laboratory can be considered risky or unsafe. There are many elements to consider such as problematic mixing, slow or hard-to-control reactions and product output. There is no substitute for eliminating risk as a physical version that runs in the real world. Pilot plants can also double up as demo facilities and for testing new recipes and technologies.


Pilot plants are useful for all processing applications. The food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers predominantly require the testing facilities of a pilot plant, however there is also merit for many other industries and applications.


Like any processing plant, a scaled down replica pilot plant can offer the complexity of a full scale production facility. This may include: general mixing; emulsification; clean in place (CIP), heating and cooling of products, premix vessels, vacuum transfer and any other specific process required by the projects requirements.

The pilot plant can consist of any or all of the following equipment.

Main Processing Vessel (in any of the Anderson Engineering flagship mixing solutions or any other according to specification) with any of the following features:

  • Handle 1 bar Pressure and Vacuum.
  • High Shear Emulsifier which has the capabilities of recirculation and discharging the product.
  • Heating to +/- 85 to 106 degrees
  • Cooling to +/- 30 Degrees
  • Dual Drive Contra-Rotating Mixing Action – Anchor fitted with Scraper Blades
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Speed Monitoring on the Mixers
  • Automatic Water Dosing

Side Pot (Pre-mix) with the following features:

  • Jacketed with Heating to +/-85 to 106 degrees
  • Anchor Mixing System
  • Automatic Temperature Control

Ancillary Items:

  • 100L Silent Air compressor with hygienic filtration for product push
  • A combined heating/cooling unit for heating and cooling using water
  • Complete electrical and control panel with all required switchgear and PLC
  • Independent 12” HMI
  • Skid mounted with plug in 3 phase electrical connection


The control system uses a Scada system to control and log certain data values such that a detailed report on the process parameters as per the following:

  • Product temperature in both vessels
  • Vessel internal pressure
  • Mixer Speeds (Hz and RPM on the contra-mix anchor and inner)
  • Air flow rate and consumption
  • Water introduction rate
  • Jacket valve feedback
  • All values will be trended over the specified process period.


20 litre – 500 litre