Anderson Engineering’s unique and innovative engineering solutions have contributed to the longstanding relationships we have built with our clients in the dairy industry. We understand that the primary concern in this industry is exceptional value and a return on investment. Our engineering and project management expertise are world class.

We offer our clients a complete solution for process and automation design, fabrication and manufacture of the equipment together with the installation and commissioning of turnkey projects. Our extensive range of customised mixing equipment is a core strength of Anderson Engineering and an integral part of our project turnkey work. Its the foundation on which our reputation has been built.


  • Full turnkey tailored solutions with innovative and cost-effective design, process and layout design, plant manufacture including automation, fabrication and site installation as well as commissioning and staff training
  • Equipment with ease of cleaning and product recovery
  • Specialists in various mixing solutions

Machinery we have supplied for dairy clients includes:

  • Tanks
  • Powder Blenders
  • Yoghurt Plants
  • CIP Systems
  • Evaporators & Spray Driers
  • Pasteurisers / Heat Exchangers
  • Homogenisers
  • Hygienic Road Tankers

Manufacture and supply of WFI (Water for Injection) tanks and mixers, Confidential Client, Johannesburg

Anderson has worked with this confidential client for a number of years now where we have been involved in supplying them with reverse osmosis (RO) storage tanks. The tanks we supply them are used for storage of purified water mainly for the pharmaceutical industry as they supply hygienic water solutions to pharmaceutical clients. For this recent project, we were required to develop WFI tanks.  “Water for injection” tanks require the highest standard of hygiene engineering and GMP compliance.  These pharmaceutical-grade processing tanks, which were part of a processing plant for an international producer of WFI products as a supplier to a hospital environment. Initially, we were only going to supply tanks for the project but after several meetings, a tour of our premises, demonstrating to the client our full capabilities, as well as our commitment to meet an extremely tight deadline, we were awarded the full project scope. Over and above this, we were later awarded the mixing phase of the project, running this concurrently with the tank build and ultimately delivering both projects to the client at the same time. A unique design innovation for us on this project was the in-house manufacture of the sanitary flanges, which were […]

HVL Capacity Expansion: 3 x 5,000l storage tanks with CIP system, Aspen, East London

June 2019 In 2011, Anderson installed the original HVL system for Aspen in East London which is currently used to manufacture over the counter pharmaceutical liquid medicines. This plant included three manufacturing tanks and six storage tanks along with the associated ancillary manufacturing equipment. The 2019 project was an expansion of the original plant which required an addition of 3 x 5,000 litre storage tanks, the integration of these additional tanks into the existing system and the addition of a new 4,000 litre CIP system. Integrating the new equipment into the existing infrastructure was challenging as the plant was not originally designed to cater for future expansion. We worked with the client extensively to understand what improvements we could make to the existing system and how these could be incorporated into the new facility. This challenged our design team where a lot of scenarios were considered in the process design. The project involved the fitting of new swing bend panels, new valves and pipework, the addition of a new PLC, networking into the existing PLC as well as the major challenge of feeding the new filling line with product and CIP.   The complete turnkey services and scope of the […]


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