Anderson Engineering is the leader in the manufacture of customised stainless steel processing equipment of the highest precision and quality. The company’s expertise and experience spans a great breadth of equipment and solutions, from small standard installations to large complex customised solutions. The business’s expert design and engineering capabilities have enabled it to deliver some of the most innovative manufacturing solutions to South Africa’s largest food, beverage, chemical, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Their flexibility and dedication to unique and efficient solutions, and their commitment to exceptional quality and service to their clients, has built long-standing relationships with many clients and a reputation in the market for quality and excellence.

Anderson Engineering is ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 certified and offer the necessary GMP documentation required by the MCC (Medicines Control Council).



RESPECT we respect diversity and make others feel comfortable and at ease

HONEST & TRUSTWORTHY we are always honest and trustworthy in our approach

COMMITMENT we are a committed company which takes pride in our efficient delivery of outstanding products.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE we are committed to constantly display a positive attitude and enthusiasm in every aspect of interaction.

FLEXIBLE we are flexible and accommodating in all our relationships.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Our team comprises qualified engineers, draughtsman and technicians, with years of practical experience. We have our own workshop personnel who are responsible for the fabrication of the equipment and consist of Machinists, Boiler Makers, Coded Welders, Fitters and Electricians. We are committed to increasing our skills base by developing young talent.

Hennie de Jager

Managing Director

Hans Coertse


Andrew Charters

Engineering Design Manager

Trevor Govender

Project and Installation Manager

Craig Stieger

Factory Manager

Michelle Walsh

Financial Manager

Sudhir Debideen

Sales Manager

Duran Reddy

Manager Gauteng Region


Anderson Engineering was founded in 1958 by Eric Anderson, who saw the opportunity in the marketplace to manufacture stainless processing equipment for the dairy industry, e.g. milk tanks, cheese vats, etc. The company started operations at 95 Church Street in two workshops, and the estimating and designing aspects were initially performed in the evenings from home!

Our first client was Clover in Durban. As the dairy industry evolved, so did Anderson Engineering. Initially we repaired the milk churns that were collected on flatbed trucks daily from the farms and taken to the dairies. However, as time progressed a better system was required and Anderson was the first company in KwaZulu-Natal to build the refrigerated milk-cooling tanks that were installed on the farms. We also manufactured the insulated milk collection tankers which went from farm to farm on a frequent basis. As a result the cold chain was improved, and with it the quality of the milk.

Anderson Engineering was also the first company in South Africa to manufacture chassis less milk tankers. The benefit of having no chassis on the long-haul tankers was the saving in weight which then allowed for a greater payload.

Eric’s son, Stuart, worked for ACOSA (Aluminium Company of SA), now known as Hulamin, before joining the family business in 1962. From the outset he was a “hands on” engineer and therefore chose to study for his engineering qualifications while he was working.

The business moved to our current premisses – 5 Willowton Road in 1964. The introduction of the overhead crane into the new building increased efficiencies within the factory and also increased the scope of work that we could undertake.

The dairy industry proved to be a good source of work, albeit somewhat erratic, and the Andersons recognised that they had to move into other markets to ensure the company’s growth and sustainability. As a result of this strategy, the company now applied its skills in industries as diverse as the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. This has led to some very interesting projects and the company learning a great deal about the processes and products of the industries we work in.

Having moved into the chemical industry, Anderson Engineering pioneered the paste polish filling line in South Africa more than 30 years ago. The initial project was a request from Nicholas Kiwi (now Sara Lee) and it worked so well that a second line was commissioned. Thereafter, the company installed two lines in Kenya and another two in France! Anderson was also approached by Reckitt and Colman (now Reckitt Benckiser), a key competitor, to manufacture a paste polish filling line for them. The then MD of Nicholas Kiwi gave his permission for this, so the company commissioned paste polish filling lines for Reckitt and Coleman as well. The sentiment was that while the manufacturing lines were similar, each product was manufactured to a unique formula and marketed accordingly, so there was no conflict of interest.

In 1995 Stuart sold the company to Hans Coertse, a friend he knew through the Harley Davidson Club. Hans has a mechanical engineering degree and diploma and was a qualified fitter. Hans led the company as the managing member for 22 years, calling on Stuart as a confident and friend throughout this time. Hans’ exceptional engineering mind grew the company into a leading supplier of turnkey processing equipment to the pharmaceutical, food and wide range of other industries. The versatility of offering, “can do” approach and an extremely strong ethos of values and ethics, that epitomises Anderson Engineering today, was built under Hans’ leadership.


On the 1st July 2018, Hans passed the reigns of the company onto Hennie de Jager as the new Managing Director and owner of the company. Hennie has a Honours degree in Material Science (Metallurgical Engineering) as well as a BCom degree in Marketing Management. He joined with more than 24 years’ experience in the Steel- and Chemical industry with a background in Product Development, Procurement and Production Management. Hans, who had been on a journey of succession planning for several years, was delighted with the appointment and extremely excited for the future of the company under Hennie’s guidance. Hans currently remains involved in the business as a consultant working alongside Hennie in a strong mentorship role.

Hans Coertse and Stuart Anderson

Key Milestones for Anderson Engineering:

  • Achieving ISO 9001-2000 certification in 2003. (Currently ISO 9001-2015)
  • Another key milestone was the launch our apprenticeship programme in 2004.  Anderson Engineering is a strong believer in uplifting and upskilling our own workforce building on the collective expertise gathered over the last 60 plus years.  Our apprenticeship scheme is strong and delivering good, young people who work the Anderson way.
  • Achieving SANS ISO 3834 Part 2 certification in June 2017

Over the years the company has promoted its ability to undertake turnkey projects, as this makes use of all its unique abilities, i.e. designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning projects to clients’ requirements. This type of project work creates exacting challenges for the team, but also keeps us interested in and excited about our work.  Anderson have over recent years manufactured and installed a number of projects in other countries such as France, Kenya, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Seychelles and Zimbabwe. Given the challenges and logistics of working at a distance, it is a great achievement for the team to install equipment on time and commission it successfully. This particular strength of the company has been proven on many projects undertaken.

With Anderson Engineering providing employment to 60 people, Hennie recognises the critical role each one plays in the success of the business. The company still enjoys longstanding relationships with companies in South Africa, Africa and Europe and ascribes this to building and striving towards the company’s mission:  Anderson Engineering is a world class producer of customised stainless steel processing equipment, known for our exceptional relationship with our customers.