turn-key-infographicOur strength and expertise lies in delivering full turnkey solutions to the processing and manufacturing industry. Our engineering and project management expertise is amongst the best in the world and we are the only turnkey designer and manufacturer in South Africa.

We are highly regarded for our ability to develop high quality equipment to ultra-hygienic standards and have a great depth of turnkey expertise in the pharmaceutical, personal care, food and beverage industries. Our depth of knowledge and understanding of the specific and unique requirements in each of the various processing industries and has allowed us to developed tailored solutions for many other industries, including dairy and chemical.


  • innovative and cost-effective options for client consideration and comment
  • process and layout design using Computer-Aided Design technology,
  • the manufacture of the plant including automation, fabrication, site installation, commissioning and staff training
  • GMP documentation (including FAT, IQ and OQ).
  • Our extensive range of customised mixing equipment is a core strength and an integral part of our project turnkey work. Its the foundation on which our reputation has been built. We have conceptualised, designed and manufactured mixing
    vessels to exacting standards, over many decades.
  • Expertise in hygienic design, manufacture to small tolerances and minimal product wastage



Ointments & Creams

Cough Syrup

Alcohol Blending

Blood Plasma Processing


Slurry Tanks for Cataler, Prospecton, Durban

Background Cataler, a manufacturer of catalytic converters for the automotive industry, first approached Anderson Engineering to manufacture 3 x Slurry Stock Tanks in the year 2010. In January 2017 they contacted Anderson Engineering as they required an additional 4 as as per this existing design. A year later, in 2018, they required an additional 2 x 2500L slurry vessels. The slurry stock tanks are used in the manufacture of a slurry that is used to coat the inner honeycomb mesh of a catalytic converter. This allows conventional petrol internal combustion engines to reduce their emissions of Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Hydrocarbons which are considered dangerous to the environment. The 2017 project Anderson Engineering was tasked to manufacture 4 Slurry Stock tanks, with 1 of them being 2000L in capacity versus 2500L. The vessels were according to the following specification 2000L(3 off) and 2500L(1 off) capacity 304L Stainless Steel vessels with Carbon Steel painted frames Flameproof Anchor Mixing system Plain Jacket with an internal pressure of 120kPa Valves, Pipework and Pneumatics The manufacture of the previous vessels were based on a Japanese design. The previous work done to translate Japanese drawings into conventional Anderson Engineering shop drawings allowed us to […]

Turnkey manufacturing facility for AR Brands’ new mayonnaise production plant

Background Anderson Engineering was approached by Peter Nicolas, owner of AR brands, who had the objective to start a new business, manufacturing mayonnaise. He believed that as a start up business he could take a small market share from the major players i.e. Cross & Blackwell and Nola, and his strategy was to position the business near to the Sunflower Oil mill (reduced transport cost) and being located in PMB was well positioned to serve all markets in South Africa and Africa. He also engaged Dupont for specific formulation knowledge and formulated an egg free mayonnaise. Several meeting with Dupont were required to clarify the process requirements for the formulation and this was followed by a specification of the required equipment required, which would provide sufficient product growth capacity, volumes and capabilities which are anticipated for AR brands over a 5 year period. The project Anderson Engineering came up with several unique processing steps which were incorporated into the overall process design of the project. It was made clear that Peter required a high quality, no compromise, food processing plant to meet major retailers standards. We were given the instruction to proceed with the project in August 2014, and the […]