Unilever Rivershorse Valley – Home Care Liquids Pilot Plant

This pilot plant will provide the Unilever Africa Home Care Processing Team with a facility for prototype product development, process specific development and scale up. The facility will be capable of making a range of Home Care Liquids including Fabric Washing Liquids (Omo and Sunlight), Fabric Conditioners (Comfort), Dishwashing Liquids (Sunlight) and Surface Cleaners (Handy Andy). The plant will follow Unilever Core Design, which is used globally and has been fine tuned with the assistance of Anderson Engineering to provide additional benefits. The plant consists of a 40 litre and 200 litre mixing vessel. It also has several processing functions such as cooling, heating, homogenising and re-circulation. The plant will form an integral part in delivering new products to consumers. Once an idea has been formulated it will move from the lab, to the pilot plant and eventually the factory. This is a world class installation and it stands as a testament to the hard work and ingenuity that went into it.

“The Pilot Plant has actually been recognised as a “Bias for Action/Delivery Achievement” in 2013 and it will be showcased in a Global Videocast later this year. I would also like to commend your team (particularly Sudhir) for his commitment and dedication to the project. I never had to chase him for anything. He also delivered on every commitment that he made to me. Once again, it has been a pleasure to work with Anderson Engineering. I look forward to final completion of this Pilot Plant and future projects.”
– Alan Kee, Project Manager