Sorbitol storage upgrade, Unilever Nigeria Plc, Oregun Estate

The Unilever Oregun factory in Nigeria is currently producing toothpaste 
and Sorbitol is one of the main ingredients in toothpaste. AE installed and commissioned this existing toothpaste plant in 2 phases between 
2002 and 2006. Later in 2011 we installed 2 x 115 000l Sorbitol storage tanks. In 2017 the client requested to add an additional 2 storage tanks as well as the ancillary equipment including pumps, pipework, valves and instruments.

The full scope of the project included:

  • 2 x 115 000l Sorbitol Storage tanks and associated ancillary equipment
  • Off-load position and rig into place both 115 000L tanks
  • Modify and add the new cat ladder and platform arrangement at a height of +/- 12m
  • Install new pumps, valves, instruments and pipework
  • Test, commission, train operators and handover the plant
  • Improved accuracy from tanker offloading

One of the unique design innovations we brought to the project was the Anderson Deaerator. It is designed to remove air bubbles from the sorbitol stream and improved flow metering accuracy. This was tested to be effective in the factory and on site.

We were faced with the normal challenges of working in Africa including doing the entire installation in 38° heat and 90% humidity and some transport challenges in getting the tanks to site unscathed. The client also required the project to be completed within a very limited time frame. Our experience working in the region ensured we were able to deliver the expected Anderson quality on time.

The project was completed in February 2018 and the plant was delivered, tested and handed over on time in accordance to client’s expectations.