Relocation & Modification of hair care plant for Zeta Laboratories, Pinetown. June 2020

Anderson Engineering originally built a haircare production plant for a client in Pinetown in 2016. This plant was then auctioned off in 2020 and purchased by Zeta laboratories. Zeta Laboratories, manufacture several personal care cosmetics for a variety of household brands. The plant is intended to manufacture their current range of products which include but are not limited to personal care products such as lotions, body washes, creams, shampoos etc. 

A unique challenge for this plant was the fact that the majority of all the recovered items that came out of the J-Strickland plant were re-used as far as possible in the new installation. This required our teams to recover all pipework as well as the pneumatic components. 

The plant was originally designed for hair care-type products only. Relocation of the plant was done to ensure that the plant could now be used to manufacture a wider variety of products in their range. 

The 3000L Contra-mix is the core of the manufacturing plant and at the time of manufacturing, this Contra-mix in 2016 was the biggest unit we had built. It is currently the second-largest unit currently being used in the field. 

The complete Scope of Work included:

  • Decommissioning the existing plant
  • Stripping and recovering all components. 
  • Re-positioning and rigging the equipment in the new location. 
  • Re installing all required pumps, valves, and instruments. 
  • Re-Commissioning and product testing once all components installed. 

The project was awarded in February 2021 and took 8 weeks to complete. The plant has recently been fully commissioned and is fully operational.