Omnicane Mauritius – 1-ton, Bulk Sugar Handling System

Anderson Engineering was appointed by the Durban based consulting company, Keir & Associates, to design a system which would decant 1-ton bulk sugar into two bag filling machines, for one of their clients based in Mauritius.

The client, known as Omnicane, is one of the largest companies in Mauritius that harvest sugar cane. They produce raw & refined sugar, which is sold as bulk and exported to various countries. Omnicane was looking to diversify and wanted to pack smaller quantities of sugar for retail to the public. The project, therefore, became a turnkey solution which included on-site commissioning. Anderson Engineering tendered on the project and a few months later were awarded the project directly from Omnicane.

Anderson Engineering worked together with Keir & Associates on the design of the system as well as the filling machine suppliers to finalize and approve the design. The system was designed to hoist 1-ton bulk bags, and decant and convey to the filling machines using our Aero Mechanical Conveyor (AMC).

Omnicane arranged for 1 ton of sugar to be sent to our factory, which allowed the system to be fully tested and commissioned. The plant was shipped to the site in Mauritius and one of our Sales Engineers, traveled to Mauritius to assist with the assembly of the equipment as well as to conduct the final commission and hand over of the plant.