NBI Fractionation Capacity Expansion Project

In March 2016 we were approached by NBI to provide a quotation for the expansion of their existing fractionation plant. This followed our extensive turnkey installation of a new fractionation plant in 2012

The project involved adding 3 x Fractionation vessels and the supporting ancillary equipment to the plant while balancing existing production. We commenced the project in January 2017.

The project was particularly challenging, as we needed to integrate 3 new vessels into an existing production facility while not disrupting the ongoing manufacturing process. This was particularly challenging with NBI’s very stringent pharmaceutical protocols. In addition, space constraints and the complexity of integrating 3 new vessels with total flexibility (whereby each batch follows multi-vessel sequencing), created additional challenges.

NBI had also upgraded and improved their internal documentation and compliance requirements since our last project with them, which required us to improve and comply with these new standards. The project was officially handed over to the client at the end of April 2018.