Nando’s Feitoria, Cooker 2, 5 and 6 Replacement, Midrand

The existing Cookers 2, 5 and 6 experienced several challenges and jacket failures resulting in numerous repair attempts by Nando’s Feitoria.  In 2019, Anderson Engineering was contacted to replace Cooker 1 and after successfully completing this job, we were given an order to replace Cookers 2, 5 and 6 in 2020.

The Cookers are used for the manufacture of all Nando’s Sauces for both retail and restaurants around South Africa and the world.

The learnings from replacing Cooker 1 proved valuable as there were certain aspects from both the fabrication process as well as the sealing arrangement that were improved. Our design and fabrication team worked hard to ensure these vessels were manufactured in time for the scheduled plant shutdown.

The plant shutdown was scheduled for a 12-day period in which the site team was required to rig out the old vessels, modify the platforms and structural members as the new vessels were bigger in capacity compared to the old vessels.

The rigging was extremely tense and great care had to be taken not to damage the vessels or any existing structural members.  Due to the vessels being larger, all jacket and product pipework was modified to suit the new positions. This proved challenging as the pipework was old and the ergonomics of the work area was tight. The vessels, however, were all successfully installed in the shutdown period provided to the Anderson team.

The project was awarded to Anderson Engineering in June 2020. The project took 18 weeks from order to final installation and commissioning. To date, the plant has been entirely successful in its operation with no issues or challenges being faced by the factory’s team.