Forest Hills & Woodlands Primary Waiting Shelter

The team from Anderson Engineering recently completed a fourth waiting shelter. The waiting shelters project started in 2010 when shelters were installed at Forest Hills and Woodlands Primary Schools, then it was the turn of Alston Primary School and most recently, Eastwood Primary School.

The Principal of Eastwood expressed her gratitude at an Opening Ceremony which included a performance by the school choir and a number of heartwarming speeches. It seems the school serves the needs of almost 1400 pupils and they travel from as far afield as Hammarsdale to attend school.

Commented Hans Coertse, Managing Member of Anderson, “ We have had to acknowledge the need for waiting shelters at our local schools. The need was again highlighted by Eastwood Primary and we feel privileged to have been able to answer their call for help. It is easy to become so absorbed in running your business that you forget just how much help is needed. We would encourage other local businesses to use their expertise to help wherever they can. It is so rewarding and it was also most pleasing to be at the official opening of the shelter to experience the gratitude first hand and see the huge impact that this project has brought about in the lives of these children.”

If you would like to assist Eastwood Primary in any way, please contact Mrs Jean Vetter 033 39035 11.