Fabrication, Supply and Installation of a 500L Raise Lower Contramix and Ancillaries for Indigo Brands Cosmetics in Cape Town.

Anderson originally built a 2000 Raise Lower Contramix plant for Indigo brands in 2012. This plant is still in operation today and is 24 Hour Workhorse. 

An existing 500L Skid of theirs came to the end of its life cycle, and Anderson were awarded the job to design, manufacture and supply a new 500L Raise Lower Contramix plant to manufacture liquid roll n deodorant. 

A unique challenge of this plant was the introduction of the powdered aluminum chlorohydrate as raw material under vacuum. It was a critical request that the flexible pipe used for powder introduction as well as the inlet nozzle be completely dry after all the powder has been introduced. 

This skid was the first Contramix that was designed and built as a fully compliant flameproof plant. This required additional third-party design approval as well as in factory and onsite electrical master electrician sign off. 

The complete plant was skid mounted and fully setup and tested at Anderson with tie ins and final product testing done on site. We had only 5 days to rig in install and commission and this was completed within time. 

The project was awarded in October 2020 and completed in our factory within 12 weeks. We started commissioning on the 8th of February and completed on the 12th of February. The plant was installed tested and is currently in full operational order.