Empowering Growth: Our Comprehensive Support for D Chem Group.

Since 2021, Anderson Engineering has been a dedicated partner in the journey of the D Chem Group, a dynamic company founded by Miss Nomandla Ngcoya, a celebrated Chemist with a remarkable track record in both science and entrepreneurship.

Anderson Engineering’s commitment to assisting the D Chem Group has been a pivotal element of our broader corporate social responsibility initiatives, particularly as BBBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) Enterprise Development project.

The D Chem Group: A Visionary Endeavor

Miss Nomandla Ngcoya, at the age of 28, stands as a prominent figure in the realm of chemistry. Her recognition in the Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans (Science and Technology) in 2016 underscores her exceptional talents and contributions to the field. She is the visionary founder of the D Chem Group, a multifaceted company primarily focused on detergent and cosmetic manufacturing, with an additional specialization in refining and repackaging traditional medicine.

The D Chem Group took a significant step forward in April 2021 with the inauguration of their factory boasting a capacity to produce 10,000 liters of products per day. This remarkable feat has positioned the D Chem Group as an active player in the chemical manufacturing industry.  With a PhD Chemistry, Miss Ngcoya possesses the rare combination of scientific expertise and business acumen required to navigate the complexities of running such a diversified enterprise.

Anderson Engineering’s Role in Empowering D Chem Group

Anderson Engineering’s commitment to the growth of the D Chem Group has been multifaceted and invaluable. Their partnership goes beyond mere financial support; it encompasses mentorship, technical expertise, and strategic guidance, all aimed at helping the D Chem Group reach its full potential.


Product Trials:

Our journey with the D-Chem Group and Miss Ngcoya started in 2021 when we came across an article highlighting her impressive work and her aspiring company.  We were inspired and convinced that this was the company we wanted to support through our BBBEE Enterprise development program.

Miss Ngcoya was busy with product development for Romeo Hadebe and Inkehli. Unfortunately, these projects presented persistent obstacles as they grappled with product stability issues, resulting in repeated setbacks.

We opened our state-of-the-art pilot plant facility to D-Chem and assisted Miss Ngcoya to run product trials. Witnessing the transformation was truly remarkable; they achieved a breakthrough in creating an exceptional hair shampoo. To both our delight, we discovered that their chemistry skills were not the issue – they simply required a high shear mixer!

Mentorship and Financial Assistance

Anderson Engineering offered mentorship to the D Chem Group in the areas of sales and marketing. Additionally, Anderson Engineering provided crucial financial assistance, enabling the D Chem Group to purchase raw materials for their production processes.

Plant upgrade.

We also assisted D Chem by upgrading one of their mixing tanks with a high-shear mixer that enabled the company to expand their product range and shorten production times.  The upgrade also improved product quality and stability.

2022: Enhancing Efficiency

In 2022, Anderson Engineering continued to bolster the D Chem Group’s operations.  Various initiatives aimed at increasing efficiency was undertaken, including the modifications of tank outlets to allow for complete draining of mixing tanks. This optimization not only reduced waste but also increased overall efficiency in production as more filling capacity was added to the process.

2023: Advancing Accuracy and Speed

In 2023, Anderson Engineering took further steps to empower the D Chem Group. We added a flow meter to the water line that enabled accurate and faster water additions into the tanks.

D-Chem Group – Recognition and Achievements

Miss Nomandla Ngcoya’s exceptional journey extends beyond her scientific pursuits, marked by a series of significant milestones and accolades:

2020 – KZN Ithala Bank Inkunzi Isematholeni Youth in Business competition

Earned the distinction of being the sole female entrepreneur to secure a spot in the top 5.

August 2022: Grand Opening at Edendale Mall

In August 2022, the D Chem Group celebrated a major achievement by opening a shop at Edendale Mall, marking a significant expansion of their retail presence.

This strategic move brought their products closer to the community and showcased their commitment to local economic development.

September 2022: Second Runner-Up at Ithala Bank Inkunzi Isematholeni Youth in Business Competition

Secured the position of second runner-up at the Ithala Bank Inkunzi Isematholeni Youth in Business Competition.

October 2022: Exploring Global Markets in Germany

 In October 2022, Miss Ngcoya embarked on an ambitious journey to Germany, supported by funding from the Department of Trade and Industry (Dti) and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit). This endeavor aimed at exploring international exporting opportunities, further highlighting the D Chem Group’s commitment to global expansion and trade.

November 2022: Venturing into E-commerce with Makro

November 2022 marked a strategic move into the world of e-commerce for the D Chem Group. They initiated sales on Makro’s online platform, tapping into the digital marketplace and expanding their customer base.

January 2023: Expanding Online Presence with Takealot

In January 2023, the D Chem Group continued to strengthen its online presence by starting to sell products on Takealot, one of South Africa’s leading e-commerce platforms.

February 2023: Securing a 3-Year Manufacturing Contract

 February 2023 brought a significant achievement as Miss Ngcoya and the D Chem Group were awarded a coveted 3-year contract to manufacture Plumblinks soft soap housebrand. This contract not only validated their product quality but also ensured a stable and sustainable revenue stream.

April 2023: Women of Wonder Award

 Miss Ngcoya received the prestigious Women of Wonder Award, a recognition that extends beyond South Africa to international acclaim. These awards are held in multiple countries, including Dubai, South Africa, Qatar, Mauritius, and the United Kingdom, highlighting Miss Ngcoya’s exceptional achievements on a global scale.

June 2023: Youth Exporter Award at GEAP and GIZ Awards

Miss Ngcoya and the D Chem Group clinched the Youth Exporter Award at the GEAP (Global Economic Advancement Program) and GIZ Awards, held in Cape Town. This award acknowledged their prowess in international trade and export, further cementing their position as a key player in the global market.

These remarkable milestones and accolades not only reflect Miss Nomandla Ngcoya’s dedication and determination but also demonstrate the exceptional growth and impact of the D Chem Group under her visionary leadership. Anderson Engineering is proud to be a partner and exited that our support assisted the D Chem Group to emerged as a trailblazer in the chemical manufacturing industry and a symbol of entrepreneurial excellence.


The collaborative efforts between Anderson Engineering and the D Chem Group, under the visionary leadership of Miss Nomandla Ngcoya, represent a harmonious synergy between industry experience and entrepreneurial spirit. This partnership not only empowers a dynamic young entrepreneur but also contributes to the growth and diversification of South Africa’s manufacturing sector. As both organizations continue their journey together, the future shines bright for the D Chem Group, poised to make a lasting impact on the chemical manufacturing industry, and for Anderson Engineering, whose commitment to corporate social responsibility continues to drive meaningful change. Through mentorship, financial assistance, and technical expertise, Anderson Engineering has played a pivotal role in catalyzing the D Chem Group’s ascent to excellence.  Their journey continues to inspire and pave the way for future generations of aspiring entrepreneurs.