Castle Milk Stout, maltose handling project for SABM Nigeria – Port Harcourt, Nigeria

SAB Miller Africa had decided to export the Port Harcourt Nigeria brewery from a small local brewer to a regional supply brewer. SAB Miller’s intention was to introduce Castle Milk Stout as one of the product lines for which maltose is a key ingredient. Although Krones were awarded the main brewery upgrade contract, the maltose handling project was seen to be unusual and therefore treated separately. After being awarded the tender and upon further investigation, the complexity of handling maltose at ambient temperatures was realized, since the norm is that maltose is delivered from the supplier at elevated temperatures which is maintained through storage and into process.

The Project

The project entailed a 4 drum tipping station which required pressurization of the drums to maximize the discharge rates. The product was then pumped through a tubular heat exchanger and then transferred into one of 2 x 65,000l storage tanks.

The project was a full turnkey solution which incorporated the following equipment:

  • 4 x Drum tipping station
  • Tubular heat exchanger with delivery pump
  • 2 x 65,000l Storage tanks
  • Associated valves and pipework
  • Automation system incorporating SCADA
  • Training

Installation and commissioning took place towards the end of 2016 and early 2017. The plant was fully handed over to the client in February 2017.