Anderson Engineering crowned winner of Product Development, and runner up for Export Achievement, at the 2016 Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards

Anderson Engineering crowned winner of Product Development, and runner up for Export Achievement, at the 2016 Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards

At a Gala event in Johannesburg on the 20 October 2016, Anderson Engineering was awarded two prestigeous awards’ from more than 144 world class entrants, in the 2016 Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards.

The product development award was given to the company for the innovation and development of the Anderson Andpure Magnetic Mixer and the Anderson Andpure Contramix. “Both these products were originally designed and engineered as processing solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, ” says Hans Coertse, Managing Director of Anderson Engineering. “Over time, we have improved and refined these products for a number of different applications and they are now regularly used as one of the key components in the turnkey, customised solutions work we do for a broad spectrum of clients”, he continued.

The runner up award was given in the Export Achievement category in recongnition for the company’s efforts in various Turnkey projects throughout Africa. “We have worked in Africa for a number of years now and are proud to be assisting our local customers, with successful ventures into Africa,” said Mr Coertse. “One of the most important aspects, and the key to success, when working beyond our borders, is to be flexible and adaptible,” he concluded.

Andpure Magnetic Mixer

The Anderson Magnetic Mixer is a highly innovative mixer for the pharmaceutical and food industries where no compromises can be made in terms of hygiene. The ingenious design which ensures there are no seals, pipes and crevices for possibly product contamination has enabled the company to offer a highly versatile, easy to use and disassemble, and clean product which is ultra-hygienic and perfectly suited for the many checks, audits and operating standards requirements faced by this industry.

Anderson Andpure Contramix

The Anderson Contramix offers the ultimate solution in high viscosity mixing which is typically required by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. The unique design innovations of the Anderson Contramix has ensured it has surpassed the expectations of the mixer and offers the client some substantial benefits over competitive products. Locally manufactured to a client’s bespoke requirements, the Contramix is the “Rolls Royce” mixing solution at highly competitive prices.

Export Achievement

Anderson Engineering offers clients in Africa a unique opportunity to capatalise on world class turnkey manufacturing solutions, at highly competitive local prices. Their versatility and adaptability as well as extensive experience in the various regions, has enabled them to successfully deliver projects to clients which solve their specific needs and requirements. Over and above this, their values of exceptional customer service and impeccable quality in everything they do, has built their business over decades, to what it is today.