Tiger Brands Mayo Skid 4, Boksburg

Cross & Blackwell have manufactured in Belville since their inception. After taking over ownership of the brand, Tiger Brands, decided to move the Cross & Blackwell manufacturing plant to Boksburg, in 2014.

During the first phase of the move to establish the new manufacturing facility in 2014, Tiger Brands used the services of a consultant and Anderson Engineering supplied 3 x Contramix vessels. The second phase was to refurbish the existing Contramix vessel, manufactured by Anderson Engineering in 2000, as well as expand the manufacturing capacity in Boksburg, by adding an additional manufacturing skid. Anderson Engineering was awarded the contract for Phase 2.

The scope of the project included:

  • Contramix blade design was brought in line with the current design
  • Original vessels were supplied with Hydraulic lid raising systems. These were replaced with a mechanical system to ensure no hydraulic oil leaked into the manufacturing vessel.
  • The turnkey aspect required 4 x Pre-mix vessels, together with an access platform, PHE, pumps, valves, instrumentation and control system.

Timings were critical for tie-ins to the existing system and SOP’s needed extra attention due to the automation process needing to tie into the existing manufacturing facility.

The project has been successfully installed and the new Skid and refurbished Contramix are operational.