Amka Products 500L Contra-mix System

Anderson Engineering has, over the years, supplied Amka with numerous specialized Portable Cream Vessels and was pleased to have the opportunity to work on another project with them. Amka required a 300kg contramix system, which they were considering importing, but after several negotiations, a cost-effective proposal was agreed upon and the project was awarded to Anderson Engineering.

The system was designed for the manufacture of creams and dye. The system consisted of an Anderson 500l Raise/Lower contramix vessel with a high shear emulsifier, which could emulsify, re-circulate or discharge product. A 250l side pot was used for melting of the various waxes and a vacuum system was used to introduce these waxes into the Anderson contramix processing vessel. The processing vessel had automatic jacket control for heating and cooling. A Festo PLC Control system was used.

The system was designed, manufactured and fully commissioned at our factory and the system was transported to the customer for final installation midway through 2017.